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Drones 101

Flying Terms:

Line of sight: The pilot can see their quadcopter during flight.

FPV (First Person View): The pilot sees where the drone is flying through FPV screen and goggles.

Yaw: If you were looking down on a drone from above, yaw refers to the movement of the drone clockwise or counterclockwise.

Pitch: The movement up and down along the vertical axis from the front to the back of the drone.

Roll: The movement of the drone forward, backward, left and right along a horizontal axis.

Trim: Buttons on the remote control that help you adjust roll, pitch, yaw, and throttle if they are off balance. Tip: Not for beginners!

Maneuvering Terms:

Bank turn: A consistent circular turn clockwise or counterclockwise .

Hovering: Staying in the same position while airborne.

Figure 8: Flying in a “figure 8” pattern.


The maneuvers depicted on this page were performed by elite pilots on closed courses and uploaded to their personal YouTube accounts. Always ensure that your flying complies with all local laws. Please fly drones responsibly and legally.


The Twizzle Stick
Description: 720° aileron roll and pitch flip at the same time
Pilot: Technospirit

The “Spin Dive 540″
Description: Pitch straight down, 540° aileron roll Pilot: Charpu


“Big Radius Front Flip”
Description: Large Front Flip Pilot: Darke Peak

The “Back Layup”
Description: Pitch Flip while inverted
Pilot: 12g


What is it?

Betaflight is proprietary flight control software. It is designed to provide the best possible flight performance that allows pilots to customize the flight controls.

Tip: This is for experienced pilots only.